​  The Mouse Ledge is the ultimate laptop attachment for more mouse portability. Use it on the train. Use it on the plane, Use it on the couch, Use it at the cafe, Use it at the desk, Use it at the beach, Use it at the park, use it on the boat, Use it at the cabin, Use it in the car, Use it in the RV, Use it in the truck. Use The Mouse Ledge anywhere you have limited space, just attach it to your laptop to give you an awesome surface to use your  mouse. 

An Extended Work Platform For Your Laptop

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•  Attaches directly and quickly to any Laptop.

•  Work area is 5 inches wide by 6 inches long.

•  Plenty of room for mouse movement.
•  Easily fits on the right or left side of any laptop.
•  Simply turn the knob to secure.
•  Easy to sanitize due to its non-porous hard surface    

                                                   (Mouse Not Included)

The Mouse Ledge is a GS1.Org Registered Product





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